Program of the mobility week

Monday: 16:00 Arrival and dinner 18:00 Icebreaking activities, introduction to the mobility week

Tuesday: 7:30 Breakfast at the hotel 9:00 Introduction to the Erasmus corner, and open lesson on Geothermal Energy 10:30 Departure to Kistokaj (Miskolc) 12:00 Visiting the geothermal power station of Kistokaj 14:00 Dinner In Lillafüred 15:00 Exploring the environment, free time 16:00 Departure to Eger 18:00 Dinner at hotel, Wellness and Spa in Eger

Wednesday: 7:30 Breakfast 9:00 Feedbayk activity and quiz on Geothermal energy + Break 9:30 Presentation of activities bw 2014 October and 2015 June 10:30 – 12:30 Students’ presentation on Kisköre power station, wildlife and Lake Tisza + groupwork activity (breaks included) Dinner at the school canteen 14:00 Visiting green places in Eger using GPS, creating videos and images for leaflets Free time included 16:00 Visiting the college, Archbishop’s library and the camera obscure (depending on the weather) 18:00 Dinner

Thrusday 7:30 Breakfast 8:30 Pásztorvolgyi: Videos on the use of hydro energy and the different types of power stations 9:30 Departure to Poroszló and Kisköre 11:00 Visiting the power station and the artificial barrages 13:00 Dinner at a restaurant ~ 1000 HUF 14:00 Educationa trail on the Lake and the ECO –centre of poroszló (largest freshwater aquarium in Erurope) ~1500 HUF 17:00 Departure to Eger 19:00 Dinner After dinner students collaborative task to create presentations and edit videos about the mobility week.

Friday 7:30 Breakfast 9:00 Summary of the Mobility week –students’ presentations ~10:00 – 13:00 Free time in town 13:00 Dinner at Hotel Flóra (financed by Pásztorvölgyi), Evaluation