Memories from Dolny Kubin


On 24 April 2016 our five-day exchange for Slovakia in the program Erasmus + was began.The first point of our program was visiting the impressive ruins of Spis Castle  located in a picturesque village called Lewocza and inscribed on the UNESCO list.

After about a 3-hour-bus-ride we arrived at Lewocza. Although the terrible weather – rain and icy wind – we were motivated to see the ruins. Admiring the massive walls and high towers we listened to interesting informations about the castle. We learned, among others, that it is an example of the royal medieval castle. It was built at turn of XII and XII centuries. It belonged to the Arpad and Angevin dynasty and in 1464 it was passed into the hands of Zapolsky. Under the influence of various reconstructions and expansions of the castle, it was gradually degraded until in 1780 fire destroyed it.

After visiting the ruins we went for a delicious dinner and then we went to the Hotel Green. The mountain landscape thet we could enjoy when we were driving to the hotel, stunned us with is beauty. When we arrived at the hotel we were pleasantly suprised courtesy service and wealth of services from wich we could use.

Natalia Drapała


First we had breakfast in our hotel. About 1000 we was going to Aqua park, but before this we had Botanical quiz initiated by Mrs. Beatę Chamułę.
In Aqua park we learned that the thermal water who is used there contains many minerals. Waters come from the depth of 1987 m (bore no.1) with a temperature of 60,5 °C. Water has beneficial effects on the motion and respiratory organs, good cosmetic effects and because of the lithium has positively influence on the human mind aswell.
Then we ate pizza and we returned to the hotel and ate supper.
Later we had ice-breaking and we met our new friends.

Aleksandra Drozd


During the third Day of our exchange we had a lot of things to do and visit.  We were really busy. At 7:30 we had a tasty breakfast. Then we went to Velke Borove. We were walking and admiring beautiful landscapes.

Next we went to Oblazy where we saw the Water Mill. The Water Mills are in the valley Kvacianska dolina and they are the part of natural environment. The mills are from the first half of the 19th century. The mill consists of three parts and stands on stone masoury. We also saw a herd of goats hear farm which was replenished by water energy.

Later from 10:30 to 12 we were walking in Natural Reservation Kvacianska Dolina.

We saw beautiful views, hige mountains and an amazing waterfall. We also saw a face of Janosik.

At 12 o’clock we had dinner at the restaurant in Demanovska valley.

In the afternoon we were visiting the Demanovska cave. It is the longest cave in Slovakia and it is really worth seeing.

At about 3:30 we came back to Dolny Kubin to our hotel where we ate supper and we rested after all attractions.

The day was enjoyable and great.

Natalia Mazurek


In today’s day weather is very bad because 27 April 2016 fell snow.This day started as usual since breakfast. Next 8:30 left hotel our  bus to the Slovak school in the Lower Kubin. The meet with Hungarian and Slovak students began from videokonference . Next point of the program was the presentation prepared by the students of each country presentations of renewable energy. After the show we started creating Polish – Slovak- Hungarian- English dictionary which included a word about renewable energy.When is finished we went for a lunch in canteen. Next we went to solar power in Parnica. In that day ( it was raining and the sky was overcast ) power produced 90kWh , ie approx. 10 % of it`s power potential. Maximum power is 900kWh. Power  plant consisted of 1,512 solar panels.

After returning created leaflets showing briefly and concisely how it works and what the advantages of wind energy. After this we started to exercise in the gym . The result of a football match was unambiguous – 3: 0 for my winning team. Later pojehaliśmy to our great hotel and at 18:00 was dinner.


Bartek Pyś


In The Morning about half past seven we went to our hotel restaurant to have breakfast. Later we drove to the Slovak school because they must tell us where is small town called Oravice where we were going about an hour. We saw there a hydroelectric power plant which though small size is making really big energy. After thi really interesting trip we went to the rope park called Tarznaka. Everyone was happy though it was snowing and it was really cold. When we left height we went to a restaurant to drink hot tea and warm frozen hands. We all unanimously said that we are hungry so we go to another restaurant and ate warm broth. After really delicious dinner We went on a 15 minute journey to the beginning of the trail, which was to lead us to the lake Tatliakova. Our journey lasted an hour, during which we were able to talk with everyone and know about us even more. When we reached our destination, which was 1,730 m above sea level we did some nice pictures and we went back down. Then we took our international friends to school, and we went to the hotel for dinner.

The rest of the evening wespent relaxing in  our rooms.
Dominika Rudnicka


We started day at 7.30 from breakfast. After breakfast we hat time to ourself. When our friends from Slovakia arrived to the hotel we begun activities, which ended our trip. Students showed their presentations about solar and wind enegy, which have looked very good. Then our fiends from Slovakia gave us little presents. We preapared some gifts for them too. We took a photo and said goodbye to ous friends from Slovakia and Hungary. We came back to our rooms, took our suitcases, ate delicious dinner and left Dolny Kubin. On the way back to Przemyśl we read our reports.


Aleksandra Zagulak